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Backflow Prevention 

Backflow prevention has become increasingly important in the area. 

 Governments in the area are requiring more and more businesses to provide backflow prevention. Apartments and condo developments also are required to install backflow prevention.

Domestic water lines, irrigation water lines, and fire lines all require devices that prevent water from draining back into the common water mains in the event of a water pressure failure.

Eventually, a backflow preventer will be required on every home – that is the trend.  We install backflow prevention devices and we repair them when necessary.

Sometimes water pressure can be too high. Stress on the water system caused by pressure which is too high can bring on premature failures. More frequent repairs due to leaks and drips and even eventual water pipe failures can be caused by high water pressure. A pressure regulating valve on a water system can prevent such deterioration.

We install a pressure regulating valves and we repair them when necessary.  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning these devices. 

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